Arkansas Earthquake Insurance

Managed by Argenia, LLC

A Market Assistance Program (MAP) has been developed as a result of the Arkansas Earthquake Authority Act of 1999. The MAP is designed to assist consumers who are unable to find residential earthquake insurance through traditional sources.

For Insureds looking to purchase coverage

Why do I need earthquake coverage? Most standard homeowners policies do not cover earthquake damage. Like flood insurance, it usually must be purchased separately.

Does my homeowners policy cover earthquake? It depends on your policy. Contact the agent that sold you the policy and ask them to clarify. Your company must tell you if it does not offer earthquake coverage and provide you with information on how to obtain coverage through the MAP.

Where do I get earthquake coverage through the MAP? The MAP is available to any practicing insurance agent who is licensed in the state of Arkansas although he or she may not be aware of it. Begin by contacting the agent that sold you your homeowners policy.

What if my agent doesn't want to participate? Call Argenia, LLC at 1-800-482-5968 and we will help you find an agent in your area that is willing to help.

How much does it cost? Click here to get an indication of pricing

For Agents looking to obtain coverage for their insureds

How can I help my insured purchase earthquake coverage through the MAP? If you are a practicing agent licensed in the state of Arkansas, the earthquake MAP is available to you regardless of whether you are an independent agent or associated with a particular insurance company.

How do I get started? If you are already signed up to do business with Argenia, just click HERE. You can get a quick quote by filling out minimal information and then complete an application for the insured to sign

I haven't ever done business with Argenia. How do I get signed up? Just call 800-482-5968 and tell the receptionist you are interested in signing up. Or you can download a copy of our brokerage agreement HERE. In addition, we will need a copy of your insurance license and a copy of your E & O coverage